Sightseeing spots for Flowers / Gardens in Hokkaido (Northern & Eastern Hokkaido) from "Spring to Summer"

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Flowers and Gardens from Spring to Summer in Hokkaido

The northern and eastern Hokkaido areas captivate visitors with their stunning floral displays from spring through summer. Fields of lavender stretching to the horizon, colorful tulips, and tranquil gardens offer a sense of peace and tranquility. These floral spots are a unique feature of Hokkaido’s wilderness, leaving an unforgettable memory on visitors. Surrounded by nature, visitors have the perfect opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and find peace of mind. Flowers and gardens in Hokkaido offer an unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty and richness of nature that only Hokkaido can offer. When visiting Hokkaido during spring and summer, we highly recommend visiting the flower fields and gardens in the northern and eastern areas. Here, you can enjoy spectacular floral scenery created by Hokkaido’s natural beauty.

Farm Tomita

Location: 15 Kisenkita, Nakafurano-cho, Hokkaido
Located in Nakafurano Town, Farm Tomita is renowned for its vast lavender fields, which attract tourists from Japan and abroad in summer. In addition to lavender, poppies, marigolds, salvia, and other colorful flowers bloom throughout the season. Visitors can explore the flower fields and indulge in lavender ice cream at the farm’s café. They can also purchase lavender products including essential oil, allowing them to take the fragrance and beauty of lavender home with them. Hokkaido’s natural beauty provides a soothing backdrop, offering an unforgettable experience. When the lavender is in full bloom, you can enjoy a spectacular view that embodies the beauty of Hokkaido’s summer.

Daisetsu Mori-no Garden

Location: 841-8 Shirakawa, Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido
Daisetsu Mountain Garden, located in Kamikawa Town, offers a healing space amidst the great outdoors, surrounded by seasonal flowers and greenery. As one of Hokkaido’s representative gardens, it features a variety of plants thriving against the rich natural backdrop of the Daisetsu Mountains. From spring to summer, visitors are greeted by an overwhelming display of colorful flowers. The garden’s design is highly regarded in the field of landscape architecture. Within the garden, visitors can walk along the paths, experiencing firsthand the changes of the four seasons and a deep sense of oneness with nature. It is a must-visit for nature lovers, providing a special time to refresh both body and soul amidst the magnificent nature of Hokkaido, surrounded by flowers and greenery.
Location: Shimogoryo, Furano-shi, Hokkaido
“Kaze no Garden” in Furano City is a paradise of beautiful flowers sprawled across the open nature, situated within the New Furano Prince Hotel’s grounds. It is famed as the filming location for the drama “Kaze no Garden.” Visitors are welcomed by year-round flowers, with the spring and summer displays being particularly breathtaking. The garden’s design seamlessly integrates with nature, allowing visitors to enjoy a myriad of flowers and their fragrances as they stroll. The expansive grounds highlight the picturesque beauty of flowers swaying in the wind, drawing visitors. Offering a relaxing experience amidst seasonal flowers, this garden appeals to all nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts. A quiet moment in Furano’s vast nature, admiring the flowers, will help you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a must-visit destination for experiencing the spectacular scenery of Hokkaido’s nature and the beauty of its flowers.
Location: 16-186-2 Nagayama-cho, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
Ueno Farm, located in Asahikawa City, is a nature-rich garden with a wide variety of plants. In this garden, flowers resilient to the harsh Hokkaido winter bloom successively from spring through summer. The garden’s most captivating feature is its ever-changing floral landscape across the seasons. Spring welcomes visitors with tulips and lilacs, while summer boasts lavender and salvia. Not to be overlooked, the garden also features a vibrant array of autumn flowers, showcasing beautiful scenery year-round. Designed by Ms. Sayuki Ueno, the garden emphasizes harmony with nature, offering peace and tranquility to its visitors. It allows for the enjoyment of diverse flowers throughout the four seasons, making it a must-visit for both gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers. Amidst the beautiful backdrop of the garden, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in nature’s embrace.
Location: North 36, West 12 line, Kamifurano-cho, Hokkaido
Kanno Farm, nestled in Kamifurano Town, continues to captivate visitors with its vibrant flowers, flourishing in Hokkaido’s fertile soil. The extensive grounds bloom with seasonal flowers, with summer showcasing their beauty at its peak. An ideal stop on a road trip, the farm’s colorful fields provide a picturesque backdrop perfect for photography. Well-maintained trails allow visitors to wander through the flower fields, offering an intimate experience with the blossoms. Additionally, the farm sells fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, inviting visitors to savor the taste of Hokkaido. The farm’s landscape, in perfect harmony with nature, features the majestic Daisetsuzan mountain range as a backdrop, enhancing the natural beauty of the flower fields. This synergy of agriculture and nature makes Kanno Farm a quintessential spot for experiencing Hokkaido’s scenic beauty and bounty.

Hinode lavender garden

Location: North 27, East 1 line, Kamifurano-cho, Hokkaido
When one thinks of summer in Hokkaido, the picturesque scenery of lavender fields immediately comes to mind, with Hinode Lavender Garden standing out as a prime spot to embrace this beauty. Situated in Kamifurano, the garden boasts vast lavender fields that blanket the area in purple, with mid-July being the ideal time for viewing. Beyond lavender, the garden is adorned with a variety of flowers, enchanting visitors with both the lavender’s aroma and a kaleidoscope of colors. The Lavender Festival in Kami Furano, held during the lavender’s peak season, features the fields under illumination, offering a mesmerizing spectacle distinct from their daytime allure. Strolling along the paths, visitors can unwind in the gentle breeze, admiring the floral vistas, and momentarily escape the daily grind. Surrounded by the stunning scenery and fragrance of lavender, a special summer experience awaits you in Hokkaido.

Farm Tomita Lavender East

Location: North 16, East 6 line, Kamifurano-cho, Hokkaido
Located in Nakafurano Town, Farm Tomita’s Lavender East is a sprawling lavender field known for attracting visitors with its vast beauty. Unique for its size, Lavender East offers an unforgettable expanse of lavender, making it a standout even among Hokkaido’s renowned lavender fields. Visitors have the option to take a tractor-drawn bus tour through the fields for an immersive experience. Strolling through the fields, one can be enveloped by the sweet scent of lavender, providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Additionally, as of July 2023, the farm has introduced a “Lavender East Footbath,” utilizing a natural hot spring discovered on-site. This self-heating well, upon investigation, was found to be a hot spring with meta-silicic acid-rich water that is gentle on the skin, adding a relaxing and healthful dimension to the visitor experience.
Location: Daisan, Biei-cho, Hokkaido
Zerubu Hill, located in Biei Town, offers panoramic views of Hokkaido’s vast nature. Its name is derived from the Japanese words for “wind” (kaze), “smell” (kaoru), and “play” (asobu), expressing the hope that visitors will enjoy the refreshing, fragrant breezes while exploring the hill. Zerubu Hill is a vast flower garden where blooms change with the seasons. Summer brings vibrant carpets of lavender and other blossoms, attracting visitors with their colorful beauty. From the hill, you can take in a magnificent view of Biei’s rolling landscape and, on clear days, even the distant Tokachi mountain range. This sightseeing farm also offers stroller and cart-friendly paths, as well as a restaurant where you can relax and savor unique Hokkaido flavors like lavender tea, sugarcane tea, and potato butter made from locally-grown potatoes.

Shikisai Hill

Location: shinsei-No.3, Biei-cho, Hokkaido
Shikisai Hill in Biei Town, true to its name, is a beloved destination for tourists seeking the vivid colors of the four seasons. Lavender fields in summer and a variety of colorful flowers in other seasons draw visitors to this vibrant location. The vast landscape is adorned with poppies, marigolds, salvia, and other seasonal blooms, creating a picturesque view. Renowned for offering immersive experiences in Hokkaido’s majestic nature, the hill provides stunning views of the Tokachi Mountain Range on clear days, showcasing the grandeur of nature. Visitors are encouraged to capture their moments with seasonal flowers, savor meals prepared with local produce, and purchase fresh vegetables as souvenirs, which are a testament to Biei’s fertile land. The iconic scenery of Biei leaves a lasting impression, inviting visitors to rediscover the charm of Hokkaido.

Flower Land Kamifurano

Location: North 27, West 5 line, Kamifurano-cho, Hokkaido
Flower Land Kamifurano, nestled in Kamifurano Town, is a floral park that captivates visitors with its unique seasonal blooms. The extensive grounds showcase a sequence of flowers, starting with tulips in spring, followed by lavender in summer, and cosmos in autumn, each season healing the hearts of its visitors. Summer is especially notable for the lavender bloom, drawing numerous visitors. The stunning contrast of the blue sky against the purple lavender creates a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts. The farm offers a variety of souvenirs crafted from lavender and other blooms, allowing visitors to take a piece of their experience home. Additionally, there is a restaurant where guests can relax while enjoying dishes made with fresh farm produce. A tractor bus tour around the park is available, and visitors have the unique opportunity to create their own lavender potpourri pillows, enhancing their immersive experience at Flower Land Kamifurano.

Shichiku Garden

Location: 107 Nishi 4-line, Biei-cho, Obihiro City, Hokkaido
Shichiku Garden in Obihiro City is a handcrafted garden brimming with warmth, meticulously nurtured over the years by Akiyo Shichiku, and exudes the charm of a picture book, captivating visitors. The garden’s year begins with the vibrant greenery of spring, transitioning to a tapestry of colorful flowers in summer, especially the lavender and salvia, which reach their peak in summer. The vibrant autumn foliage further enhances the garden’s palette in fall. Home to a diverse array of plants, the garden offers a unique scene with each season, ensuring that every visit unveils new discoveries and a full appreciation of nature’s beauty. Visitors can glean gardening tips and inspiration, enriching their own garden projects. Additionally, the garden offers a buffet breakfast featuring seasonal Tokachi ingredients (reservation required), allowing visitors to savor a variety of dishes in the serene garden setting.

Manabe Garden

Location: 2-6, Higashi 2-line, Inada-cho, obihiro-shi, Hokkaido
Manabe Garden, nestled among lush greenery and vibrant flowers in Obihiro City, is cultivated by a farmer specialized in importing, cultivating, and selling trees. Spanning over 20,000 square meters, this garden boasts thousands of plant varieties collected globally over 60 years. It offers a tranquil haven where visitors can enjoy the seasonal blooms, with occasional sightings of wild birds and Ezo squirrels. Featuring cherry blossoms and tulips in spring, lavender and sunflowers in summer, and vibrant autumn leaves in fall, the garden is cherished by tourists and locals alike as a sanctuary of natural beauty. An on-site restaurant showcases dishes made from local ingredients, providing guests with fresh, locally sourced meals. Additionally, a garden store offers local specialties and flowers grown on-site, alongside original gardening supplies, allowing visitors to take home a piece of Tokachi’s natural splendor.

Tokachi Millennium Forest

Location: Minami 10-line, Haobi, Shimizu-cho, Hokkaido
The “Tokachi Millennium Forest” located in Shimizu Town and surrounded by abundant nature, is a tourist attraction offering visitors a unique experience. It is renowned as a place where natural beauty and art blend seamlessly, with the changing seasons soothing visitors’ hearts. The vast grounds feature flowers that bloom in various seasons, with the spring blossoms and autumn foliage being particularly stunning. Visitors can indulge in forest bathing and wander through the internationally acclaimed garden, which is noted for its focus on harmony with nature. The forest provides a wide range of dining options, souvenirs, and diverse experience programs. Popular souvenirs feature original products inspired by the forest’s natural motifs and local Tokachi items. Additionally, visitors can participate in a variety of hands-on programs, including making Tokachi natural cheese, horseback riding in nature, and Segway guided tours.

Rokka Forest

Location: 249-6 Tokiwa, Nakasanai-mura, Hokkaido
Rokka Forest, a stunning garden in Nakasatsunai Village, is operated by Rokkatei, a renowned confectionery company. With the arrival of spring and the melting snow, a myriad of flowers start to bloom, captivating visitors with their vibrant hues into early summer. The garden showcases the iconic flowers of Tokachi, represented on Rokkatei’s wrapping paper, including Ezo gentian, Japanese pear, Gentiana thunbergii, Rhododendron japonicum, Katakuri, and Shirane-aoi, alongside other splendid blooms that add color to Hokkaido’s spring landscape. The katakuri flowers create a particularly stunning purple carpet. Wooden paths and boardwalks meander through the garden, offering visitors the chance to admire the floral array. A walk along the creek is exceptionally delightful, allowing guests to immerse in the freshness of spring. The park also features museums like the Sakamoto Naoyuki Memorial Museum, showcasing the works of painter Sakamoto Naoyuki. Visitors can unwind at a café, enjoying seasonal sweets and light meals. The adjacent store presents a diverse selection of souvenirs, from Rokkatei sweets to unique merchandise.

Tokachi Hills

Location: 13-5 Nisshin, Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido
Tokachi Hills, nestled in the vast expanse of Hokkaido in Makubetsu Town, is a garden theme park that is enveloped by an abundance of flowers and greenery. The garden features a stunning rose garden with approximately 800 roses in bloom, alongside herbs, fruit trees, and edible flowers, allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of seasonal colors. Perched on a hilltop overlooking Tokachi, it offers a relaxing experience rooted in the concepts of flowers, food, and agriculture, showcasing the beauty of nature. Visitors are greeted by a variety of flowers each season, which soothe their hearts with their beauty. During the rose season, the garden is adorned with colorful roses, enchanting those who visit. The café serves dishes and sweets made with herbs, fruit trees, and edible flowers grown in the garden, offering a taste of Tokachi’s nature through all five senses. Additionally, the store offers Tokachi’s specialty products and original goods for purchase.

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

Location: 393 Suehiro, Higashimokoto, Ozora-cho, Hokkaido
The Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park in Ozora Town is a breathtakingly beautiful park adorned with moss phlox, transforming the landscape into a vibrant pink carpet as spring arrives. Spanning 100,000 square meters, the park’s vast slopes become a vivid pink tapestry, with the prime viewing time from early May to early June. The “Higashimokoto Shibazakura Festival,” held from early May to late May, offers visitors the chance to savor delicious local foods and specialties, including the uniquely salty-flavored shibazakura soft serve available at the park. For families, the park features a variety of activities, such as an 820-meter go-kart track, a fishing pond, and a footbath enjoyable by both children and adults. Located at the foot of Mt. Mokoto, at the southern tip of Higashimokoto in Ozora Town, the park showcases a hill of moss phlox lovingly cultivated by local farmers, heralding the arrival of spring with its stunning display. The park’s beauty, alongside its facilities and events, attracts numerous visitors.

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park

Location: Kamiyubetsu Tonden Urban Area, Yukubetsu-cho, Hokkaido
Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park, located in Yubetsu Town, is a magnificent springtime destination, boasting 200 varieties of tulips across its 12.5 hectares. A wide array of tulips, including some rare varieties, greets visitors. From an observatory shaped like a Dutch windmill, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the tulip fields, creating unforgettable memories. Tulip bulbs, along with flowers, are available for purchase in the park, allowing visitors to bring a piece of Hokkaido’s spring into their homes. Numerous Dutch-themed events, including commemorative photo shoots in Dutch folk costumes, enhance the visitor experience. This exquisite tulip park serves as a floral spectacle as well as a reminder of its cultural background and history. Consider spending a heartwarming time surrounded by the vibrant tulips.

Koshimizu genseikaen primeval flower garden

Location: 217 Hama-Koshimizu, Koshimizu-cho, Hokkaido
Koshimizu genseikaen primeval flower garden, located in Koshimizu Town within Abashiri National Park, epitomizes the natural beauty of Hokkaido. This garden unfolds over sand dunes stretching for about 8 km between the Sea of Okhotsk and Lake Tobetsu. The season’s peak is from June to July, showcasing blooms such as Ezo skunk lilies and Japanese honeysuckles. During this time, the dunes are festooned with vibrant hues of yellow, pink, and purple, drawing visitors. An enjoyable approach to the park is by taking the train to Genseikaen Station on the JR Kushiro Main Line, operational only in the summer. The observatory offers 360-degree panoramic views of the Sea of Okhotsk, Shiretoko Peninsula, and Shari-dake Mountain, which are especially stunning on clear days. At the Information Center HANA, visitors can gather park information and rent bicycles for area exploration. This destination is a must-visit for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and those seeking a break from the daily routine.

Shibazakura Takinoue Park

Location: 2358-1 Motomachi, Takinoue-cho, Hokkaido
Shibazakura Takinoue Park in Takinoue Town is renowned as one of Japan’s finest locations for viewing pink and purple shiba-zakura (moss phlox) blossoms in spring. The park, spanning 100,000 square meters, becomes a vibrant pink canvas during the Takinoue Shiba-zakura Festival in May. Originating from modest beginnings, the park has flourished over the years to its present expanse. Visitors can embark on a dreamlike journey, with an optional helicopter ride offering a breathtaking aerial view of the moss phlox’s splendor. Close by lies the “Fragrance Village Herb Garden,” covering a 4-hectare area with about 300 varieties of flowers and plants, including herbs, from May to October. Takinoue is particularly noted for its fragrant herbs, notably mint, which is produced in larger quantities here than anywhere else in Japan. The park further enhances the visitor experience with offerings of herb tea and dishes prepared with local ingredients.

Tsutsuji Park(Onneyu Onsen)

Location: Onneyu Onsen, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami-shi, Hokkaido
Onneyu Onsen Tsutsuji Park in Kitami City becomes a breathtaking sight as approximately 280,000 Ezo purple azaleas herald the arrival of spring. Recognized as Hokkaido’s first natural monument for its azalea blooms on the Sea of Okhotsk side, the park showcases about 70,000 azaleas growing in vibrant clusters, creating a warm welcome for visitors. A pathway allows visitors to meander through a tunnel of blossoming flowers, feeling as though they are walking on a carpet of blooms. Additionally, the Onneyu Onsen Azalea Festival, held every May, enriches the experience with events like Yosakoi Soran, Japanese drum performances, and stage shows. The park also tempts visitors with culinary delights, offering jingisukan (Japanese mutton barbecue) sets to savor the gourmet flavors of Hokkaido. With a campground on-site, guests are invited to revel in the outdoors amidst a rich natural backdrop. Beyond the floral beauty, the park stands as a vibrant spot for experiencing Hokkaido’s nature and culture through various activities.
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