Enjoy the great lake views and sulfur hot springs.
An overnight course from Lake Akan to Kawayu Onsen

Teshikaga town is located in inland of Eastern Hokkaido and dotted with three major caldera lakes of Eastern Hokaido: Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, and Lake Kussharo. In addition, Kawayu Onsen, which is known as a hot spring area declaring “100% source spring”, is located here. The Mashu / Kussharo area is full of attractions including observatories overlooking the lakes and Mt. Iou. We show you an overnight drive course in this Mashu & Kussharo area. Watch the video to plan your trip.
An overnight course from Lake Akan to Kawayu Onsen
Staying at Akanko Onsen the day before, this episode starts with taking a garden walk in the refreshing air, and then goes on a drive around Lake Mashu. Join the star gazing tour and enjoy the local cuisines at a famous izakaya (pub) while soaking in fine hot spring at Kawayu Onsen Hotel.
▼ About 42 km (26 ml) via the National Highway 241 ▼
▼ About 26 km (16 ml) via the National Highway 391 & the Prefectural Road 52 ▼
▼ About 3.5 km (2.2 ml) via the Prefectural Road 52▼
▼ About 20 km (12 ml) via the Prefectural Road 52 ▼
▼ About 2.5 km (1.6 ml) via the Prefectural Road 52 ▼
▼ A short walk ▼
▼ A short walk ▼
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A morning walk in Akanko Onsen town
“Akan Iyomap Garden”, overlooking Lake Akan, is located in the courtyard of Tsuruga Wings Hotel. This beautiful place where the Ainu culture and a garden are fused is good for walking. Aince Ainu Kotan (village) is nearby, it lets you enjoy a short walk even in the morning.
Address: 1-1-1 Akanko Onsen, Akan-cho, Kushiro
Must-see spots on the way from Kushiro Airport to Lake Akan
Lake Onneto
A beautiful lake with a circumference of 2.5km at the foot of Mt. Meakan. It is known that the color changes to emerald green or clear blue depending on the season, weather, and viewing angle. It is also beautiful when it freezes from the end of November to the beginning of December.
Address: 1-4-48-1 Kita, Ashoro-cho
An observatory located about 3 km (1.9 ml) from Sogakudai toward Teshikaga-cho. It’s known as a spot where the two symbols of Akan Mashu National Park, Mt. Oakan and Mt. Meakan, can be viewed at the same time.
Address: Sogakudai Akan-cho, Kushiro-shi
▼ About 52 mins by car ▼
Taste the gelato of “Mashuko no Ice” made of milk fresh from the cow.
An ice cream shop on the way to Lake Mashu 1st Observatory. The ice cream is made from milk of dairy cows raised by drinking the underground water from Lake Mashu. The specialty is “Mashu Blue” named after the color of Lake Mashu. It’s refreshing milk-flavored gelato using two kinds of liqueur.
Address: 2-8-6 Mashu, Teshikaga-cho
▼ About 35 mins by car ▼
A superb view shows up on a sunny day! Overlook Lake Mashu at the 1st observatory.
The most popular spot among observatories to overlook Lake Mashu. The mysterious color of the lake, deep blue, is called “Mashu Blue.” The views of Kamuish Island and Mt. Mashu rising as if protecting the lake are breathtaking. Since it is often invisible due to fog, Lake Mashu is also called “The Lake of Mist.”
Address: Teshikaga-genya, Teshikaga-cho
▼ About 6 mins by car ▼
Visit another spectacular spot “Lake Mashu 3rd Observatory”
Nakajima, floating in Lake Mashu, can be observed up close from here. Since it is located at the altitude of 670 m (2,200 ft), it shows a different view from the 1st observatory. What makes this spot so popular is that the panoramic view of Mt. Iou, Mt. Mokoto, and Lake Kussharo in the back. Do not forget to take photos of Lake Kussharo spreding on the back.
Address: Sunayu Kussharo Kohan, Teshikaga-cho
▼ About 16 mins by car ▼
Feel the energy of the earth at the source of Kawayu Onsen, Mt. Iou.
It’s called “Atosanupuri” in the Ainu language, and it is an active volcano that still emits smoke. The surrounding area is filled with a unique sulfur scent. It is also a historical place that supported the development of Kawayu Onsen because of sulfur mining in the early Meiji era (over a hundred years ago.) In the rest house, hot spring eggs steamed at the source of Kawayu Onsen can be purchased.
Address: Atosanobori, Teshikaga-cho
Another must-visit spot, the panoramic view of Lake Kussharo at Bihoro Pass
Why not go to see another crater lake, Lake Kussharo after visiting Lake Akan and Lake Mashu. The best spot to see the largest crater lake in Japan is Bihoro Pass located at the altitude of 525 m (1,722 ft.) It lets you see the whole view of Lake Kussharo and the Shiretoko Mountain Range. The famous products made from Kumazasa (striped bamboo) can be purchased in the rest house. Address: Furuume, Bihoro-cho
▼ About 5 mins by car ▼
Excellent quality of hot spring! Check in at Kawayu Onsen’s inn “Oyado Kinkiyu”
Kawayu Onsen is a volcanic spring at the foot of Mt. Iou. Strong acidic hot springs containing strong acidic hydrogen sulfide are one of the few precious hot springs in Japan. Oyado Kinkiyu, one of hotels located in Kawayu Onsen town, is known for a particularly strong acid hot spring. Relieve the fatigue of your trip in this finest quality hot spring.
Address: 1-5-10 Kawayu Onsen, Teshikaga-cho
▼ A short walk ▼
“Star Gazing Cantera Walk” in Onsen town
A night walk tour along the walking path around Kawayu Onsen. The only thing that lightens up the way is a lamp called Cantera. Searching for creatures being active during the night and observing the starry sky, the tour is filled with fun that can only be experienced at night. Warm coffee is served during a break time. The tour takes about 30 minutes. The fee is 1,000 JPY per person. Advance reservation required. For more details, contact Kinkiyu at 81-15-483-2211.
Add (Oyado Kinkiyu): 1-5-10 Kawayu Onsen, Teshikaga-cho
▼ A short walk ▼
Have a drink at Izakaya, “Inaka ya Genpei”
An izakaya (pub) which sereves dishes made of ingredients produced in Eastern Hokkaido. You can have croquettes made of Hokkaido potatoes, and fresh seafoods such as Akkeshi oysters. The Kawayu Onsen’s local cocktails, “Mashu Sour” and “Mashu Highball (whisky and soda)” are also offered. Have a cozy time in the warmth of wood.
Address: 1-5-30 Kawayu Onsen Ekimae, Teshikaga-cho
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