A course to fully enjoy the agricultural kingdom, Obihiro & Tokachi. The biggest fun part of this course is the “farm picnic” where you can harvest corns and have lunch in an corn field. At Banei Horse Racing, the only one in the world, Banba (large draft horses that used to be indispensable in the pioneering era) shows you powerful races. The final destination of this course is Kita no Yatai (a village of food stalls) where a variety of locally produced foods are provided.
Obihiro & Tokachi
Sweets, buta-don, Banei horse racing and more.Reveal the charms of the agricultural kingdom, Obihiro & Tokachi!
Tourism Exchange Division, Obihiro City Satoru Shoju
The attractiveness of Obihiro & Tokachi that a local navigator talks about
Sceneries of countryside spread out once you step away from downtown. It’s a fun area even while driving. I’d like you to visit more than once to feel the deepness of our unique culture. There are plenty of winter attractions such as Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan (an ice village) and Jewelry Ice (sparkling ice blocks on the beach), so I recommend you to come in winter as well.
Obihiro Town Course
The course starts at “Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden” near the Otofuke Obihiro IC. Experience Banei horse racing and farm picnic after that. Eat Tokachi’s specialty such as Buta-don (pork bowl) at food stalls at night. On the next day, have morning buffet which is full of the local ingredients at “Shichiku Garden.” This is an overnight course to fully enjoy sceneries and gourmet foods of Tokachi.
▼ About 16 mins by car ▼
▼ About 20 mins by car ▼
▼ About 40 mins by car ▼
▼ About 26 mins by car ▼
▼ About 8 mins by car ▼
▼ About 32 mins by car ▼
The videos are in Japanese only.
1. Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden
Popular for sweets made from Tokachi’s ingredients
It is a confectionery shop famous for “Samporoku”. In addition to the shop, Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden also has a cafe, a factory where you can tour, and a hands-on workshop. The limited menu “Tokachi Kinagoromo Soft” is made from locally produced milk, kinako (soybean flour), and azuki beans. The soft serve ice cream kneaded with kinako tastes rich yet refreshing.
Address: Nishi 18 Kita 9-sen, Aza Shimo Otofuke, Otofuke-cho
Rent a bicycle at “Rikuru” in the bus terminal in front of Obihiro Station
Obihiro is easy to g around by bicycle since a lot of tourist spots and sweets shops are located in the center area. Popular sweets brand shops such as Rokkatei, Ryugetsu, Cranberry, and Takahashi Manju are within a 1-km radius (0.6-ml radius), which lets you go on a sweets hopping by bicycle. You can also go to Obihiro Racecourse by bicycle because it is only 2 km (1.2 ml) away from downtown. Rent a bicycle at Rikuru located in front of Obihiro Station. The fee is from 200 to 300 JPY for an hour. It has various types of bicycle including sports type and road bikes.
▼ About 16 mins by car ▼
2. Obihiro Racecourse
Only in the world! Tokachi’s proud horse racing, Banei
Banei horse racing has its roots in the frontier period of Hokkaido. Horses were indispensable to carry heavy loads. The origin of banei horse racing started about 120 years ago in Tokachi, which led to the current style of Banei. It is a race in which horses pull an iron sleigh in a straight course of 200 meters (2.2 yd.) The sleigh weighs from 500 kg (1,102 lb) to a maximum of 1 ton (2,204 lb.)
Address: Minami 9 Nishi 13, Obihiro
▼ About 20 mins by car ▼
3. Itadakimasu Company
Farm Picnic in a field of Tokachi with a professional guide
Farm Picnic is a tour unique to Tokachi which a professional guide takes you to a field from May to mid-October. Learn how crops are raised in corn, wheat, and yam fields where visitors are usually not allowed to enter. Enjoy lunch and snacks in the middle of the field and taste freshly picked vegetables. Note: reservation required.
Address: differ depending on the courses
▼ About 40 mins by car ▼
4. Kofuku Station
Filled with tickets that a message of love was written
The site of the former Japanese National Railways Hiroo Line, which was discontinued in 1987. It is now a park because of the auspicious name, “Kofuku Station (meaning a happy station in Japanese.) The building was actually used in the area named Kofuku. There used to be a station named “Aikoku Station (meaning a station in a country of love)” next to it, so it became a sacred spot for couples in 1970s. Tickets from Aikoku Station to Kofuku Station became popular items, and the papers filling the wall of the building are imitations of the actual tickets.
Address: Higashi 1-sen Kofuku-cho, Obihiro
▼ About 26 mins by car ▼
5. Butadon no Tonta
Tender hand-cut pork! A famous butadon diner that people waiting in line
Located near the Satsunai River, a little far from downtown Obihiro. Tonta is popular for its carefully hand-cut pork. Buta-don (pork bowl) usually uses loin, but rib is also popular in Tonta because the fat is light and tasty. It is recommended to eat with garlic and red pepper. Loin goes good with Japanese pepper called Sansho.
Address: Minami 17 Higashi 10, Obihiro
▼ About 8 mins by car ▼
6. Kita no Yatai
Local gourmet cuisines at a village of Yatai
It’s a food stall village in the downtown area of Obihiro, and about 20 stalls lines up and serves gourmet cuisines of Tokachi’s ingredients. There are various types of stalls of izakaya, French, Italy, so stall hopping can be fun. The area of each stall is about only 10 squar m (106 square feet), and the number of seats are around 6. The inside the stall is kept warm even during winter by placing a heater or covering with plastic sheets.
Address: 7 Minami 10 Nishi 1, Obihiro
Another night attraction in Obihiro, Basha Bar
A basha (a horse-drawn carriage) tour that walks through the city of Obihiro. Enjoy local beer and snacks while listening to the crisp sound of the horse’s hoof. The horse named “Koma-chan”, used to play in Banei horse racing, is friendly and popular. The tour travels around the city for about 2 km (1.2 ml) taking 50 minutes. There are seats on both 1st and 2nd floors. Have a great night time in Tokachi. Reservation required.
▼ About 32 mins by car ▼
7. Shichiku Garden
Have home-style breakfast made with Tokachi’s tasty ingredients
A garden spread over the countryside of Obihiro. Ms. Akiyo Shichiku, also known as Shichiku Grandma, founded this garden in 1989. About 2,500 kinds of flowers bloom throughout the season on the vast site of 5 ha (12.25 ac). The breakfast buffet in the cafe is full of home-style dishes made with fresh ingredients produced in Tokachi.
Address: 107 Nichi 4-sen Biei-cho, Obihiro
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