Kushiro is a unique area where nature and industry are well integrated. The special dish is “Katte Don” of Washo Ichiba, the center fish market. Seafood around this area gathering, Kushiro is always full of fresh seasonal seafoods including saury and shishamo. Viewing the great sunset from the top of Nusamai Bridge, enjoy the local foods at the restaurant that Zangi (Kushiro styled-fried chicken) and Robatayaki were originated while drinking the local sake Fukutsukasa.
Kushiro Course
Fresh seafood, the local's favorite food and more! Walking around in a gourmet city, Kushiro.
Kushiro City Industrial Promotion Dpt. Tourism Promotion Division Yuki Yokoyama
The attractiveness of Kushiro that a local navigator talks about
What makes Kushiro great to visit is its cool climate. Kushiro is full of nature where Kushiro Marsh registered as a Ramsar Wetland is located just about 20 km (12.4 ml) from downtown. Kushiro is also known for its fresh seafood, so I strongly recommend visitors go to Washo Market to eat “Katte-don” which lets you make your own seafood bowl. From autumn to winter when the air gets crisp and clear, Kushiro’s sunset seen from Nusamai Bridge, one of the world’s three best sunsets, is just breathtaking.
Kushiro Town Course
Have Katte Don for breakfast at Washo Market. After moving toward the Kushiro River and buying souvenirs at Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO, head to Kobunkan to learn about the history of Kushiro. Enjoy the sunset at Nusamai Bridge, and then go local-favorite-food hopping at night. It’s a well-planned course to let you fully enjoy the attractions of Kushiro.
▼ About 5 mins by car ▼
▼ A short drive ▼
▼ About 4 mins by car ▼
▼ About 4 mins by car ▼
▼ About 7 mins on foot ▼
▼ A short walk ▼
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1. Washo Market
As much seafood as you like! Make your own seafood bowl
It is a symbolic place in port town Kushiro. Washo is Kushiro’s oldest market establiished in 1954. It started with a group of street stalls with an aim to coporate with each other. The specialty is “Katte-don” which you can make your own seafood bowl with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Marine products such as dried fish are recommended for souvenirs.
Address: 25 Kurogane-cho 13-chome, Kushiro
▼ About 5 mins by car ▼
2. Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO
The best place to find souvenirs! A commercial complex full of gourmet food
This commercial complex is full of souvenir shops and food stalls of Kushiro’s specialty such as “Sanmanma (saury sushi role).” It also holds Yatai Mura (a village of food stalls) and “Ganpeki Robata (grilled food pub at the quay)” where a variety of Kushiro’s gourmet foods can be enjoyed. Its most unique attraction is the “Crab Crane Game” which lets you have the crab boiled and take it home if you were successful to catch.
Address: 4-7 Nishiki-cho 2-chome, Kushiro
▼ A short drive ▼
3. Kobunkan
Visit the retro brick building to follow the footsteps of Kushiro Port and Takuboku Ishikawa
Takuboku Ishikawa was a famous Japanese poet and used to work as a journalist in Kushiro. Kobunkan is a restored building of the former Kushiro Newspaper Publisher where Takuboku Ishikawa worked. It is now used as a harbor rest area and a museum of Takuboku Ishikawa. There are a cafe and exhibits showing the history and the role of Kushiro Port. The second floor is a museum which displays Takuboku Ishikawa’s works such as handwritten postcards. Order a drink at the cafe and take a break with it on the 2nd floor.
Address: 1-12 Omachi 2-chome, Kushiro
▼ About 4 mins by car ▼
4. Fukutsukasa Sake Brewery
The only sake brewery in Kushiro, which uses Hokkaido rice and underground water from Eastern Hokkaido
Kushiro’s only sake brewery. It was founded in 1918, 2019 marked the 100th anniversary of its founding. It’s made of Hokkaido rice, and underground water from Eastern Hokkaido is used in the preparation process. Fukutsukasa, produced in Kushiro’s cool climate, tastes refreshing and goes good with any dish including seafood. Limited items can be purchased at the direct sales shop.
Address: 13-23 Sumiyoshi 2-chome, Kushiro
▼ About 4 mins by car ▼
5. Nusamai Bridge
Kushiro’s landmark, one of the three major bridges in Hokkaido
It is a symbolic spot of Kushiro and the best point to view the sunset in Kushiro, one of the 3 major sunsets in the world. Four statues on the bridge represent 4 seasons, and the silhouettes appearing in the sunset make a great picture. You will definitely be touched by the sun sunking in the Pacific Ocean. The best season to see the sunset is autumn and winter when the air gets crisp and clear. Why not go on a sightseeing cruise, Sea Crane to see the beautiful scenery.
Address: Kita-odori, Kushiro
▼ About 7 mins on foot ▼
6. Torimatsu
The origin of Hokkaido’s favorite food “Zangi”
It is known as the birthplace of Hokkaido’s favorite food “Zangi (Hokkaido-styled fried chicken).” There are two types of Zangi: boned and boneless. It’s recommended to eat it with plenty of spicy sauce. Some people enjoy a different taste by adding pepper to the sauce. Only counter seats are available, so takeout is also OK.
Address: 1 Sakaemachi 3-chome, Kushiro
▼ A short walk ▼
7. Robata
The origin of Kushiro’s Robatayaki with a history of more than 60 years
Robatayaki is Kushiro’s traditional seafood barbecue over char coal, and this place is said to be the birthplace. Fresh seafood are grilled in the best condition over a hearth installed in the center. The seats are only at the counter. Have a great night with Kushiro’s local sake, Fukutsukasa and Robatayaki in this old folk house-ish pub. It has a variety of ingredients including fresh Kushiro seafood, vegetables, and meat. Ask the staff for the seasonal food.
Address: 1 Sakaemachi 1-chome, Kushiro
Kushiro Scramble Crossing
Kushiro Scramble Crossing is located in front of Kushiro Station. Unlike Shibuya Scramble Crossing, it doesn’t get crowded even during the commuting time of 8 am. It is spacious and feels good to walk. Kushiro, with a population of 170,000, is one of the major cities in Eastern Hokkaido; however, this crossing is rarely crowded because most of people drive to work in Kushiro where the household penetration rate of automobiles is over 90 %. A glimpse of the characteristics of Eastern Hokkaido can be found in this crossing.
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