Go to Kaiyodai, which is a 15-minute drive from Nakashibetsu Airport. Approximately 1,000 dairy cows are grazing in the pasture. In the city, we show you an udon noodle restaurant where you can have locally produced Gouda cheese, and a guesthouse with a cow motif. The desolate landscape of another world, Todowara (a decayed fir forest) on the Notsuke Peninsula, will definitely impress you.
Nakashibetsu, Betsukai, and the Notsuke Peninsula Course
A breathtaking spot to view the horizon! Driving around in dairy farming towns, Nakashibetsu and Betsukai!
Nakashibetsu Community-reactivating Cooperator Squad Miki Saito (left) Miki Tanaka (right)
The attractiveness of Nakashibetsu that a local navigator talks about
Kaiyodai is an observatory where 330-degree panorama of “The Hokkaido” scenery can be viewed. Standing on the rooftop, witness the actual roundness of the earth. There are plenty of tourist attractions to let you feel close to dairy farming such as “Murakami Udon” which serves udon with Nakashibetsu cheese, and a guest house “ushiyado” with a cowshed motif. We hope you to come and visit us.
Mami Matsumoto
The attractiveness of Betsukai & the Notsuke Peninsula that a local navigator talks about
The Notsuke Peninsula is Japan’s largest sand spit, sand-deposited island. The highlight is Todowara, a decayed forest eroded by seawater, where the native fir trees still remain. It’s called “Todo-wara” meaning a prairie of fir trees (“wara” means a prairie in Japanese and “todo” means fir trees in Japanese.) Betsukai is a dairy town where the population of cows is larger than the one of people, so there is a good chance to encounter cows while driving. Come and visit to enjoy the sceneries of Hokkaido.
“Eastern Hokkaido Express Bus” is the best way to get around vast Eastern Hokkaido.
Go viewing the scenery of meadows at Kaiyodai and Milk Road, close to Nakashibetsu Airport. Have dishes made with locally produced cheese for lunch. Then go on a tour to see the scenery of Todowara weathering year by year. This course where the dairy area spreads out is so enjoyable even while driving.
▼ About 6 mins by car ▼
▼ About 16 mins by car ▼
▼ A short drive ▼
▼ About 40 mins by car ▼
The videos are in Japanese only.
1. Kaiyodai
Rippling hills and vast meadows
An observatory to view the horizon and the vast pasture of Kaiyodai Ranch. You can also see the grid-like windbreaks on the Konsen Plateau and the Shiretoko Mountain Range in the distance. The 330-degree view shows a scenery that beautifully changes by the hour especialy at the sunrise and sunset. Don’t forget to eat soft serve ice cream made of Nakashibetsu milk at the cafe.
Address: Aza Mataochi, Nakashibetsu-cho
A straight road running through dairy areas, Milk Road
The Route No. 19 North near Kaiyodai is called “Milk Road.” The length is about 4 km (2.5 ml) from east to west. It came to be called by this name because tank trucks carrying raw milk often run. It is popular among bike riders for the exciting up & down slope. There is a parking zone on the west side, which is a nice photo spot.
▼ About 20 mins by car ▼
2. Murakami Udon
Popular udon noodles with all-you-can-add Gouda cheese of Nakashibetsu
Eat authentic Sanuki udon noodles which is made from 100% Hokkaido wheat. The owner completed training in Kagawa prefecture where Sanuki udon is originated, so the noodles he makes are chewy yet smooth. The most popular “Carbonara Udon” is all-you-can-add Gouda cheese produced in Nakashibetsu; cheese will keep being added until you say “stop.”
Address: 1-11 Kita 1 Higashi 2, Nakashibetsu-cho
▼ A short drive ▼
3. ushiyado
A guesthouse with the theme of “cow” run by a local dairy farmer
There are various rooms from dormitory type to private one. The rooms are named after the dairy cows, “Holstein” and “Brown Swiss”. It doesn’t provide meal service, but milk is provided for all-you-can-drink. You may be able to eat mozzarella cheese made by the owner if you’re lucky. The reason why this guest house doesn’t provide meal service is to dynamize the local economy by encouraging visitors to go to restaurants in the city. Have a nice stay at this cozy guest house and feel close to dairy and cows.
Address: 2F 4-2 Kita 1 Higashi 3, Nakashibetsu-cho
▼ About 40 mins by car ▼
4. Notsuka Peninsula Nature Center
Go to see the ephemeral, beautiful and eroded dead tree of Abies sachalinensis
The Notsuke Peninsula is Japan’s largest sand spit, an island formed by the accumulation of sand. The biggest attraction here is Todowara, a decayed forest of todomatsu (fir trees) generated by the eroision of seawater. It shows a beautiful yet decadent scenery. Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center, the departure and arrival point of Todowara tours, lets you learn about the nature and histroy of the Notsuke Peninsula.
Address: 63 Notsuke, Betsukai-cho
Walking on a vast snow field, “Ice Horizon Tour”
The winter tours are available from late January to early March. The bay of the Notsuke Peninsula freezes, and the horizon of ice appear. The ice horizon with a 360-degree view is called “Hyoheisen,” and you can walk on the frozen sea with snowshoes. The tour takes about 2 hours. This tour is available only during winter when the sea freezes. You may be able to encounter Yezo sika deer and red foxes.
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