Sightseeing spots to enjoy "Flowers / Gardens" & "Nature" in Hokkaido (Northern & Eastern Hokkaido) from "Spring to Summer"

Sightseeing spots to enjoy "Flowers / Gardens" & "Nature" in Hokkaido (Northern & Eastern Hokkaido) from "Spring to Summer"

Spring and Summer in Northern and Eastern Hokkaido Flowers and spectacular views of nature

From spring through summer, the vast nature of The northern and eastern areas of Hokkaido attract visitors with its beautiful flower gardens. Carpets of grass cherry blossoms, purple lavender fields, and colorful tulips create a spectacular view that is unique to Hokkaido. In particular, the northern and eastern areas of Hokkaido welcome visitors with fragrant flowers and vibrant seasonal colors, and there are many spots where visitors can enjoy the harmony with nature. From spring to summer, the vast landscapes of the northern and eastern areas of Hokkaido captivate visitors with their stunning flower gardens. A tapestry of shiba-zakura (moss phlox), purple lavender fields, and vibrant tulips offers a unique spectacle that defines Hokkaido’s charm. These regions are celebrated for their fragrant and colorful blooms, providing countless opportunities to experience nature’s harmony. Hokkaido’s natural beauty extends beyond its floral displays to include meticulously curated gardens and untouched landscapes, presenting scenes distinct to the area. Spring and summer are ideal times to explore the lush outdoors and serene gardens, enhanced by the presence of blossoms. Immersed in this setting, visitors can enjoy tranquil moments surrounded by the fragrance of flowers and the picturesque scenery of Hokkaido.

Flower Scenery and Gardens in Northern and Eastern Hokkaido, To the paradise of spring and summer

The northern and eastern Hokkaido are known for their beautiful flowers during the spring and summer seasons. The colorful flower fields of Furano and the vast expanses of gentle hills in Biei leave a lasting impression on visitors. Especially in late spring and summer, lavender, poppies, tulips, and many other varieties of flowers are in full bloom, creating a picturesque landscape in harmony with the spectacular nature unique to Hokkaido. Northern Hokkaido is especially famous for its flowers blooming brightly under the wide summer sky, and in Furano, the fragrance of lavender welcomes visitors. In East Hokkaido, on the other hand, wildflowers can be seen in the rich natural landscape, allowing visitors to feel at one with nature. The region has more to offer than just that. From spring through summer, the Northern and Eastern Hokkaido areas offer visitors a rare opportunity to experience the fusion of nature and art in Hokkaido by touring not only flower gardens but also beautifully landscaped gardens. We hope you will enjoy a trip to the flowers and gardens of Northern and Eastern Hokkaido, where you can heal your mind and experience the beauty of nature.

Spectacular spring and summer views of nature in northern and eastern Hokkaido

Hokkaido, with its vast landscapes, continues to captivate visitors from spring through summer. The northern and eastern regions are particularly celebrated for their natural splendor, home to numerous scenic spots. Northern Hokkaido captivates with its magnificent natural scenery; as spring unfolds, the landscape transforms with the melting snow, revealing mystical scenery, which then gives way to the lush greenery and refreshing breezes of summer in the hilly areas of Furano and Biei, fostering a profound connection with nature. East Hokkaido is highlighted by the breathtaking Shiretoko Peninsula, a World Natural Heritage site, offering a pristine ecosystem and untouched forests. The area’s gems include the mystical Lake Akan and Lake Mashu, with the latter’s mist-shrouded waters creating an ethereal vista that draws photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. From spring to summer, North and East Hokkaido stand as a testament to Hokkaido’s unparalleled natural beauty. As you explore, new discoveries and awe-inspiring moments await, ensuring you’ll forge unforgettable memories amidst Hokkaido’s majestic natural canvas.
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