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Show you the attractions of Eastern Hokkaido in 9 courses.

On our official Youtube channel, we show you courses that allow you to take a wide-area tour by express bus even during winter and town tours which can be your sightseeing base. Watch the videos to plan your trip as listening to the people of Eastern Hokkaido living in harmony with nature.

From Kushiro Airport to Lake Akan

Enjoy red-crowned cranes, lake Akan, and the Ainu culture. An overnight course from Kushiro Airport to Lake Akan

Arrive in the morning at Kushiro Airport, the gateway to Eastern Hokkaido. Head north on National Highway 240 called Marimo National Highway. Stop by the rest stop and Akan International Crane Center, and then head to the Akanko Onsen district. From evening to night, enjoy the Ainu culture in the Akanko Onsen town and relieve the fatigue of your trip at the hot spring inn.

From Lake Akan to Lake Mashu, Kawayu Onsen

Enjoy the great lake views and sulfur hot springs. An overnight course from Lake Akan to Kawayu Onsen

Drive around Lake Mashu from Akanko Onsen. Stay at Kawayu Onsen to enjoy the high-quality hot spring, star-gazing tour, and izakaya hopping.

From Kawayu Onsen to Utoro

Enjoy the World Natural Heritage Site, Shiretoko. An overnight course from Kawayu Onsen to Utoro

Cruising to see the cliffs and brown bears of a world natural heritage site, the Shiretoko Peninsula, and walking around Shiretoko Goko Lakes which are scattered in the pristine forest. It’s an overnight course of Utoro area that is filled with so many tourist attractions.

From Utoro to Abashiri

Enjoy Abashiri Prison Museum and drift ice in Okhotsk. An overnight course from Utoro to Abashiri

Abashiri is where you can enjoy the unique and spectacular sceneries of Hokkaido such as the sea of Okhotsk, Lake Saroma and the ranch. It is also the center of sightseeing in Okhotsk, and tourist attractions such as Abashiri Prison Museum and Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum are located at Mt. Tento.

From Abashiri to Mombetsu

Enjoy Lake Saroma and drift ice in Mombetsu. An overnight course from Abashiri, Lake Saroma and Mombetsu

Lake Saroma, the largest lake in Hokkaido, is one of the best spots for a drive. Going up further north from Lake Saroma, there is Mombetsu Marine Park where Okhotsk Tower and the drift ice science center “GIZA” are located. We show you an overnight course while having popular gourmet foods such as crabs and fish cake.

Kitami Town

Enjoy the unique gourmet cuisine and hot springs in a city of peppermint and curling, Kitami!

After enjoying the nature and curling in Tokoro, the northern part of Kitami facing the Sea of Okhotsk, experience making aroma cream using mint essential oil in the city. Eat yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) and then head to Rubeshibe, the mountainous area located on the west side of Kitami. Visit an aquarium to see creatures of the river and relieve the fatigue of your trip at Onneyu Onsen.

Obihiro Town

Sweets, buta-don, Banei horse racing and more. Reveal the charms of the agricultural kingdom, Obihiro & Tokachi!

A course to fully enjoy the agricultural kingdom, Obihiro & Tokachi. The biggest fun part of this course is the “farm picnic” where you can harvest corns and have lunch in an corn field. At Banei Horse Racing, the only one in the world, Banba (large draft horses that used to be indispensable in the pioneering era) shows you powerful races. The final destination of this course is Kita no Yatai (a village of food stalls) where a variety of locally produced foods are provided.

Kushiro Town

Fresh seafood, the local's favorite foods and more! Walking around in a gourmet city, Kushiro.

Kushiro is a unique area where nature and industry are well integrated. The special dish is “Katte Don” of Washo Ichiba, the center fish market. Seafood around this area gathering, Kushiro is always full of fresh seasonal seafoods including saury and shishamo. Viewing the great sunset from the top of Nusamai Bridge, enjoy the local foods at the restaurant that Zangi (Kushiro styled-fried chicken) and Robatayaki were originated while drinking the local sake Fukutsukasa.

Nakasibetsu, Betsukai and the Notsuke Peninsula

A breathtaking spot to view the horizon! Driving around in dairy farming towns, Nakashibetsu and Betsukai!

Go to Kaiyodai, which is a 15-minute drive from Nakashibetsu Airport. Approximately 1,000 dairy cows are grazing in the pasture. In the city, we show you an udon noodle restaurant where you can have locally produced Gouda cheese, and a guesthouse with a cow motif. The desolate landscape of another world, Todowara (a decayed fir forest) on the Notsuke Peninsula, will definitely impress you.
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